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Description:- Minecraft is a game of adventure, exploration and creation, which from a first person perspective we have to survive in a world made of blocks, similar to Lego, we can manage at will. And when I say 'at will' fully say I want at will and can catch blocks any kind of material for later use wherever we want. In this way, we can do things as diverse as itching a lot of stone to build our house with her, fell trees with which to create furniture to decorate our home, or even make more complex constructions such as a well, a statue, a building, etcetera. The only limit we have is imagination, and soon we begin to build, we realize that to us the possibilities are virtually endless. Of course, this creation is only part of Minecraft. The other part takes place at nightfall, when the monsters come out of their caves and the game becomes a 'survival horror' in the making. That is when we will have to see each other with giant spiders, skeletons, 'Endermen' or the dreaded 'creepers'. And that is when we will be able to make good use of tools such as the sword or bow. To survive in the world of Minecraft, in any case, not only need a home with a bed, a sword and a few tools. We'll have to get food, because your character go hungry, need to explore the world, for the best materials are not to the naked eye, and ultimately have to abuse the enormous freedom that gives the game at all times. 
Visually Minecraft is no wonder, as you can see by the pictures and videos, but his aesthetic is absolutely necessary gridded to mechanical block makes sense. In addition, the game allows radically change the graphics by using 'mods' packages and 'skins'. Minecraft is the most successful in recent years alone game. And rightly so. The masterpiece of Notch (name creator) has carved a niche in the hearts of millions of players, who enjoy everyday of it on all platforms where it is available: iOS, Android, Xbox 360, Linux, Mac and of course Windows.

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